Influences & Identity

This is a thought provoking piece on black women’s acceptance of self-image and value in British society 1950 to 2013. 

The six heads focuses on Afro textured hair, which was frequently described as ‘course and wool like’ Each hairstyle reflects its decade and shows the steps that were taken to change their hair to fit into the Western ideal of beauty.

1970 a decade influenced by the black power movement shows women wearing their curly textured afro hair as a badge of honour, political statement and with pride.

Mixed media and assemblage

'Torn' Atellas Pharma Ltd

'Triangle' a conceptual piece representing the
Slave Triangle


This installation is symbolic of the beauty, optimism, sanctity of marriage and its representation of happiness and unity, juxtaposed to the tears, pain and suffocation that is sometimes endured in a marriage.