" My Gran Always Says" is a community art project by a culturally diverse group of young people and older borough residents originating from Africa and the Caribbean. The project was able to preserve and share an element of the African Caribbean heritage which holds its roots in African Oral Tradition.  

         Author Sharon Foster & Jacqueline McFarlane (Printed by epubli. GmbH, Berlin, www.epubli.co.uk)

'The Mouse That Inhabits My House' is a children’s book, which is warm and humorous, the story is about a boy named Goygoy who loves to solve mysteries and loves small animals. Goygoy is an only child, who lives at home with his mother and father. When objects start to go missing from the house his parents are baffled and would like to get to the bottom of it. Goygoy takes on the challenge and solves the greatest mystery of all, he also makes a friend.

Author and Illustrator: Sharon Foster & Malakai Bower-Foster (ISBN: 978-3-7375-1884-0)

Illustration Media: Charcoal on water colour paper

Illustration Medium: charcoal on watercolour paper

'Make Your Mark'  Waltham Forest Black History Month book mark competition. Illustration comparing the experience and visibility in 1960 as apposed to 2012.  Illustration media collage.